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Jute Bag

Jute Bag

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B5: 27*31*16cm (small)

A4: 31.5*36*19cm (medium) 

A3: 36.5*46*22cm (large) 

Using uncolored jute material, we have created a bag that can be used for various purposes while maintaining a natural look. The handle uses a core material that is convenient for both shoulder and hand holding.

- If this item gets dirty, remove stains by dabbing gently with a firmly wrung out towel or similar, then dry in a shaded and well- ventilated area.
- Be careful not to rub or scratch the back side with a pointed object. The surface coating can peel off, or the pinhole can widen to cause a leakage of light.
- Please note that depending on storage and usage conditions, deterioration of strength, stickiness, and changes in appearance may occur. 

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